What is the Photo ExperiencE?

  • An urban photo hunt to unlock creativity 

  • A hands-on photography activity to practice technical skills

  • A curated cultural adventure to grow personally and professionally 

    WHAT will I do?

  • Grab a camera: shoot people, places, and things - street photography, landscape, conceptual imagery, etc.

  • Be surprised: allow the camera to become the vessel that captures your journey

  • Plug into your emotional intelligence (EQ): use your intuition, find images which inspire you on the way

  • Commit to yourself: release your inner artist

  • Surrender: examine your surroundings and connect with the world

  • Light a creative fire: engage in the skills of creativity — anywhere, anytime 


  • Maximize: technical and creative skills

  • Master: use of camera apps, buttons, dials and settings to maximize your vision 

  • Disrupt opportunities: deconstruct your environment to get you in the zone

  • Grow your EQ: use interdisciplinary techniques to tell New York stories through photography — tell your unique photo stories in the moment that are inspirational, crazy, and fantastic

  • Refresh: invent, discuss, and share


The Photo Hunt, hosted by Roberta Fineberg (founder of Spark Your Creativity), is the original photo experience developed almost a decade ago. With a background as a teaching artist at multiple institutions as well as hosting her own brand of photo hunts since 2011, Fineberg has been at the forefront of leading photo experiences. Curating customized sessions, her  mission has always been to give participants the tools they needs to unleash their creativity for a satisfying and fulfilling way of being — accomplished through the power of photography. Everything that manifests on the planet is, at first, a picture.


The Photo Hunt and Creativity Building offer participants an opportunity to see the world - people, places, and things - fresh. Each photo hunt promotes “sapere vedere” (engaging in exercises in seeing): sessions that encourage greater technical and creative skills as a platform for awareness and self-expression.

The sessions are for all levels of experience and are tailored to private groups:

The Photo Hunt is a 3h, day or night, smartphone or dslr, photo walk that explores iconic and off-the-beaten-track locations throughout New York City’s five boroughs. The Photo Hunt sessions offer insights into the daily life of a city amid its ordinary and historically significant architecture. The sessions foster connections to people, places, and things which we document during a session. The goal becomes an exploration of vision and imagination.

Creativity Building is a half- or full-day session for hands-on photo exercises for dslrs, docent-led museum tours, artist studio visits, and/or gallery walks for a better understanding and appreciation of art, historical and contemporary, and its relationship to photography. The sessions are customized and incorporate lessons also by multi-disciplinary artists, such as drawing paired with iphoneography, or an all-day urban photo hunt with an opportunity to visit a cultural site, discuss photography over a light meal, and/or share work for a constructive review.

The Photo Experience is recommended by Goop for things to do in NYC, shortlisted by the Luxury Travel Guide for 2016 and 2017, is bookable for groups up to 10 participants on both Fare Harbor and Trip Advisor (Viator) sites, as well as bookable for private groups with 1-6 people on Ifonly.  You may also book directly by filling out the contact information below.

Whether in New York, London, Paris, Milan, or Berlin, the photo hunts are designed to spark your creativity

We look forward to working with you!


“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful class! I no longer feel intimidated by low-light photography!” – M. Walsh


“Thanks for the workshop, again. It was a lot of fun working with you and interacting with everyone." – Henry T.


“Many thanks for providing H. with a fantastic afternoon on Saturday. He absolutely loved it!  He said he wants to be with you every weekend. Thank you for providing such a great experience to my son!” – Rachel


“Tom and I had a great time in your workshop Sunday. Weather was great, area was great to photograph, and loved your energy. Couldn't have made for a more fun weekend. Thanks again!”

– Lenore


“Thank you for the beautiful places you took us to. I felt very happy. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have seen the full moon in Central Park!” – Ruth


“You taught us terminology and what most of those funny picture icons on the camera menu are all about and how to make various format settings and a lot of other tips that made me the top of the class. Thank you!” – F. Scura


“I’ll never look at photography and taking pictures the same after my workshop.”

– Delphine


"I learnt a great amount about photography in a short period of time, and Roberta did a fantastic job of tailoring the class to the knowledge level of the various participants. It has changed the way I see photography and I am eager to take more classes if possible."

– Group Workshop Participant


“It was really a great learning process for enthusiasts like me.” – Group Participant


“Roberta was enthusiastic and very helpful in expanding both my technical and creative skills." – Group Participant

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