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 Finding Inspiration sessions are add ons that allow time to focus on and discuss a particular curated show at a cultural institution and the themes that emerge.

Sample Programs:

What is the role of technology in art today and what does invention mean to you?

SAMPLE program: At The Met

In and Out of the Studio: Photographic Portraits from West Africa

Content: Beginning in the 70s with the proliferation of photographic technology,  color printing, and the global art market,  portrait photography expanded. This exhibit at the MET explores a different form of the selfie - or self portraits, the relationship between sitter and photographer, and the fine line between reality and fantasy.

Discussion: on photography as unique creative medium, storytelling device, and force for change are held over coffee in the American Wing Cafe.

In the studio with Japanese painter Yukari Edamitsu - Long Island City, Queens

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iPhoneography collage exercise at The Met

Art of Creative Living

SAMPLE program: At The Met

Content: Kincaid, a painter, starts with a  basic question - how does an artist do what she or he does? How does one turn a blank canvas or a block of stone into something that is a work of art? Kincaid suggests a starting point for understanding creativity, which is the artist first believes in his/her power to create.

Discussion: Do you feel the exhibition succeeds in presenting a practical guide on thinking about and incorporating the creative in all that we do? In other words, just how practical is the application of art to everyday life? 

If the concept of a creative practice is not just reserved to the arts, how do we tap into and make practical use of creativity - in our daily lives and relationships, from social interactions to business? 

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