Is the iPhone 5 capture, 8 Megapixel, aka 'badass camera' (as per Tom Cheredar from VB), as good as it gets? Most agree that the iPhone 5, a fast-growing camera of choice for prosumers, is convincingly replacing the need for most point and shoots...and beyond;

Could a future version replace a dSLR? Well, let's wait and see... 

In the meantime, the major improvement of the most recent iPhone camera is its capacity to shoot in low light and have files that look decent - not looking like they did formerly, say, shot in low light and in short digital files from hell. Yet, there is a new problem associated with the iPhone 5 - camera flare - resulting in fuschia light - creative capture or not?

In Camera+, the app with which I have conducted my first iPhone 5 tests, I noticed that the files interfaced in a more streamline fashion with the app's corrective filters and offered an aesthetic difference. Counter intuitive? To my eye - and I don't know if there is any science behind this - observation is a solid means to forming hypotheses - so I contend that Camera+ app updates now offer more of the homogeneity we find when using Instagram. Are Instagram look alikes a good or bad feature? You decide. And try out your own tests.

First, let's observe one of my tests: ROTC officers lineup at Columbus Circle. Please let me know how the iPhone 5, Camera+, and I did.

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