Sapere Vedere

A Photo Safari Diary: May 13 (Mother's Day) A photo safari to the Conservatory Garden, 105 & 5th Ave, NYC, provides a look at an exquisite French-style, Italianate, and English garden, rolled up in one, in Central Park. The space is a designated quiet zone -- perfect for contemplation, meditation, and exercises in creativity, such as, shallow and deep depth of field exercises to test your hand and understanding of the sensitive relationship and resultant artistic possibilities that aperture, shutter speed, and ISO yield. Think highlights and shadows -- how to capture them -- to best render your vision.

Garden in Central Park, 105th St and 5th Ave

Garden in Central Park, 105th St and 5th Ave

Tilt Shift Lens / Conservatory Garden | photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg

May 5 (Cinqo de Mayo): A Photo Safari to Harlem, USA is as always an adventure in neighbohood discovery where a community of old timers, workers, artists, hipsters, professionals, and activists is continually in flux against a backdrop of colorful and historical brownstones. Harlem welcomes tourists from around the globe but my little group of 10 togs (student photographers) who come from NYC and beyond (as far flung places as Sydney, Australia) behave more like inquisitive travelers on a photojournalistic expedition for which the skills in learning the craft of photography and seeing ('Sapere Vedere' -- knowing how to see) are practiced throughout the day.


 iphoneography in Harlem                       photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg 

One method to grow photographically is to look at great work by other photographers. Here are a few women photographers whom I admire:


Alice Austen                         Barbara Kruger                   Jenny Holzer           

Berenice Abbott                   Diane Arbus                        Annemarie Schwarzenbach                       

Dora Maar                             Francesa Woodman            Helen Levitt

Lee Godie                             Lillian Bassman                     Ruth Orkin

Sophie Calle                         Tina Modotti                          Varvara Stepanova

Vivian Maier                          Inge Morath                           Gita Lenz

Ruth Bernhard   


While photo safaris satisfy a desire to go beyond the comfort zone, remember to stay engaged in practical photo exercises which encourage mastery of the camera and creativity. During photo safaris, you shoot practicing the rule of thirds, capturing negative space, and ultimately discovering novel ways to create compositional balance and harmony in your pictures. Focus on 2-4 new technical and aesthetic tips and tricks for shooting images of people, places, and things each time you go out... .

Grand Central.JPG

  night photography: Grand Central photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg


iphoneography at night -- Times Square    photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg

Pershing Square.JPG

 night photography: Pershing Square  photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg