The Best Camera is the One That's With You

 The keywords remain: small but powerful.

An iPhone 4 produces an image that is approximately 2mb while the iPhone 4S file weighs in at roughly 5mb -- files that are plenty big for both online and print editorial. The iPhone is more than a plastic camera -- it provides a Cornu Copiae of options (apps and more) in a compact package that allows a photographer to produce images in, seemingly, an act of spontaneous combustion -- in part magic , in part Surrealist dream -- from the creator's mind to digital file.  The results are 'mind pix' -- photographs -- products or byproducts of camera presets and by extension image makers' random thoughts, passing emotions, uncensored dreams, with the freedom of the unbridled five senses conspiring to create a plethora, or cornu copiae, of digital images that transpose and translate vision alomost supernaturally.

Do we still need  'pro' photo equipment to make professional pictures today? Like it or not, the democratization of the image defines photography in the 21st century. And, Hey, the iPhone 5 is soon available to all on the open market...

Sunday morning at Downtown Baptist Church, Malcolm X Blvd 

Sunday morning at Downtown Baptist Church, Malcolm X Blvd 

 iPhoneography in Harlem | photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg