Portaits made with iPhones surpass the number of images made with point and shoots. iPhone images can be posted to social media sites right away -- immediate gratification -- and are more readily available than digital files from any other camera. Needless to mention: a new generation of smartphones is being produced with camera sensors as large as 41MP (Nokia 808). Small but powerful cameras can get many photography jobs done not only efficiently but also in style.

I have always enjoyed photographing people: the iPhone is making it easier for me as a photographer to ingratiate myself -- gaining access to any stranger, anywhere, anytime. Because of the low light the iPhone capture lends a softness to skin tones at low shutter speeds (no flash); the resultant images and digital noise can be very artistic.

I'm loving the sultry subject, the wallpaper, and pitcher of beer at Earl's Beer & Cheese...

  Earl's Beer & Cheese East Harlem | photo: (c) 2012 roberta fineberg

East Harlem Photo Walk, New York

East Harlem Photo Walk, New York