The Power of Imagination

New York City will forever remain an island and when I trace the pathway from the East River, close to my home, to the Long Island Sound and beyond, to the Atlantic Ocean, my world becomes big enough to encompass a wild natural habitat. I spent some time trying to unwind the waterways, my physical surroundings, that I took for granted as a backdrop for relaxation, an excursion, or vacation instead of a source of imagination. Namely the Long Island Sound, I followed this estuary as well as the bays, such as the Great and Little Peconics to name two that meet and lead to the Ocean.

Smartphone Photography session | West Hampton Beach, Long Island 

                                    iphoneography at the beach | (c) 2012 roberta fineberg

This summer on the beach two young boys and their baby sister built a sand castle city, surrounding towns, wading pools, an ocean, levees, a highway, a Dune Road along the Atlantic Coast, and funny enough -- an evacuation route should the waters flood their territories. With the real ocean physically at their backs, the children worked tirelessly to build and protect the property against the impending tide -- their imaginations keeping the project going. Knowing instinctively that in a few short hours their City-State would be flattened and rinsed clean by rising waters only added to the game -- in part a race against time. Their love of play put them in the zone  -- a privileged place where no concern or fears exist about making an ephemeral product. Only doing matters -- a commitment to be and to do is enough to feed the imaginations and make the effort worth it long after the sand castle disappears. 

This Fall let's pick up our cameras, ask 'what if?' and shoot for the sake of shooting.