Self-Portraiture II

At the end of many of the evening sessions at NYC Spark Your Creativity participants try exercises in light painting. It's a method of turning the camera onto yourself, making yourself the subject of the photo while embracing chance -- with the camera on a tripod, you release the shutter (self timer) while the sensor records how fast or slow the LED light is waved in front of the camera lens. The results range from ribbons of fine light and largish glowing orbs to abstract brushstrokes of ephemeral light.

Self-Portrait / Night Photography with tripods / Bryant Park | Midtown, Manhattan 

The upcoming class Shot in the Darkplanned for occasional Saturday nights (8-10PM) this fall and beyond is for those who want a photo workshop as catalyst to reflect, to be present, to be in the moment, to give in to emotion and mood, to create, and lastly to record the passage of time -- at a 30 second exposure or less to either immortalize or remain, at best, shots in the dark --. Email us