In Search of an Original Idea?

An idea is never new. It's usually as old as time. But a good idea reveals what is true and great ideas vary in representation. So for creative inspiration I suggest look at art, look at what you like, look at what you don't like, look at everything, and after a while you'll instinctively reach out for what moves you and probably what moves other people. Our emotional brain sets our motor cerebellum in motion so that power of reason is tripped.

In a good way we learn, emotionally, to become more discriminating about what we see. We could say that we are what we see and that our pictures become representations of what we feel too. Photographers are sometimes called to break down barriers between themselves and the 'other' when photographing, say, people. Yet creatives have always needed to maintain a veritable space (emotional space) to create - to create at all - especially an orginal work.

"Ladybird” (1936) on view in 'Drawing Surrealism' at the Morgan Library, in my estimation, supports a compelling left brain/ right brain argument as well as maintains that both art and science coalesce to produce originality in photography. Is Eileen Agar's mixed media, photograph and painting, straight from the unconscious or does reason have its hand in its originality too?

 Eileen Agar's "Ladybird” (1936) 

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