The Personal Project

To expand the imagination we recommend the personal project. The goal of which is to discover what you have inside you. You'll learn to flex creative muscle and start aligning your mind with your heart, and intuition for powerful results. Taking some time out of your multi-tasking crazy-busy schedule and by focusing 100%, even if only a few hours a week, on a personal project, whose goal is perhaps aesthetics, may lead you to keeping your creative thought process fresh going forward. In other words treat your personal project as an adventure - or a mini vacation. 

As to the personal project of the creative behind SPY, she is presently working on printmaking. From thousands of archived images, a visual notebook, she sources and draws upon iPhone digital files, selected and then exposed to plates for photopolymer intaglio printmaking. To translate the visible and invisible world, literally and metaphorically, the resultant images registered via the intaglio press are not at all that random. The collage work entertains a sliver of consciousness—awareness—and translates how the mind filters out and integrates past and present.

Ideas for art making for the personal project / Mixed Media | Image 1

image_4, photopolymer intaglio monoprint, 2014 by roberta fineberg

In response to the quote No art exists that isn't  autobiographical (from Quaderni Azzurri, or Blue Notebooks, by Aldo Rossi, the Italian architect and poet of the visible), Ms. Fineberg explains her collage project: "Oh, the webs we weave, the title of the series and a double entendre, which references an expression and pokes fun at our collective experience today spent, perhaps too much so, on the Internet or Web, is the jumping off point for exploration and problem solving. The iPhone images that I take and use in my art beg the question: What kind of art can I make with images exclusively shot with a basic technological device - a smartphone?"

Ideas for art making for the personal project / Mixed Media | Image 2

image_6 photopolymer intaglio monoprint, 2014 by roberta fineberg

What is your personal project? How may SPY enable you?