The Photo Experience recommended by Goop for things to do in NYC, shortlisted by the Luxury Travel Guide for 2016, 2017 and travel/hospitality award winner 2019, is bookable for private groups on Fare Harbor, Trip Advisor, Ifonly, Expedia and for 1-5 participants join a museum smartphone camera adventure bookable on Airbnb.

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Spark your creativity

street photography Experiences

Spark Your Creativity’s Photo Hunt is a personalized 3h group or private photo experience, to maximize your DSLR or Smartphone camera skills and have some fun, anywhere during a day or night session in New York City.

DSLR: Day or Evening

Work those fancy buttons, dials, and settings for daytime or nighttime photo adventures on location anywhere in the 5 boroughs of New York. Choice a daytime session or shoot in the evening: from low light, dusk to dark — or completely after dark for magic in the moonlight with your DSLR mounted on a tripod for light painting and intentional camera movement (ICM).

Invite happy accidents and serendipity: work in the flow for a multi-sensory photo experience that fires up curiosity, self-discovery, and imagination.

At the conclusion of all photo sessions, private groups have the opportunity to share their work with other members and benefit from a friendly photo review — add on coffee, a glass of wine, or light meal (booking optional).


Smartphone photography

A smartphone camera session encourages photographic exploration without the heavy lifting - no equipment necessary other than your smartphone. 

Enjoy a photo walk while maxxing out your device’s technical and creative potential. Learn a variety of apps and how to use them for tips andl tricks to capture people, places, and things in the urban landscape.

Tell visual stories, create a photo book or make digital art in-camera ....

Taking photo skills to the next level

Whether with a DSLR or smartphone camera, you capture, select, and edit images during a creative adventure for photo enthusiasts.

Practicing the skills of creativity through photography, you tap into your unique vision. You will have fun on an urban photo adventure to both off-the-beaten track and iconic locations in the City.

New York City becomes our digital playground, an inspired destination for which we set an intention: Everything that manifests on the planet is a picture. 

choose A location

  • Central Park

  • Battery Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge | City Hall

  • Times Square | Bryant Park

  • West Village | The High Line

  • Carl Schurz Park

  • Roosevelt Island

  • Other location (let’s customize!)

In all sessions, you practice:

technical skills

  • DSLR: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, metering, exposure compensation (EV), and more

  • Smartphone camera photography: Multiple apps and tools to “make” better pictures

compositional skills

  • See/identify shapes, patterns, light, color and form for taking better shots

  • Understand leading lines, rule of thirds, negative and positive space, depth of field

  • Feel the moment — capture the zeitgeist

communication skills

  • Describe, discuss, share

& more …

Spark Your Creativity founder Roberta Fineberg leads you on a journey to observe and experience the city — photograph its people, places and things: parks, bridges, cityscapes, neighborhoods, historic buildings and sites, or focus on abstractions, say, employing light and shadow as a compositional exercise. You photograph what captures your attention and excites you in the urban landscape and then share the magic that is New York City.

Crisscrossing the City — Manhattan, our island, surrounded by even smaller islands (Governor’s Island, Roosevelt Island, City Island, Randall & Ward’s island, Ellis & Liberty Island, etc.), and the surrounding boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, you decide the location on your customized photographic journey!

Spark Your Creativity’s out-of-doors, hands-on group photo experiences are customized for individuals and small private groups that want to explore 'outside the frame' and have some fun.


  • Book your preferred location

Uptown Manhattan

Select a location Uptown

  • Central Park

  • Carl Schurz Park

  • Lincoln Center

  • Columbus Circle

  • Riverside Park

  • Conservatory Garden

  • Other location (let’s customize)

Midtown Manhattan

Select a location Midtown

  • Times Square | Bryant Park

  • Grand Central Station

  • Public Library

  • Rockefeller Center

  • 5th Avenue Holiday Shopping (Christmas time)

  • Other location (let’s customize!)

Downtown Manhattan

Select a location Downtown

  • Battery Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge | City Hall

  • South Street Seaport

  • World Trade Center | 9/11 Memorial | Wall Street

  • 25th Street Flea Market

  • West Village | The High Line | Hudson River Park

  • Meatpacking District | Chelsea Market

  • China Town | Little Italy

  • Lower East Side | The Bowery | East Village Gardens

  • Madison Square Park | Flatiron Building

  • Other location (let’s customize!)


Select a location in any of the 4 boroughs

  • Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights | Prospect Park | Brooklyn Botanical Garden | Carroll Gardens | Bushwick | Williamsburg | Brooklyn Navy Yard | Dumbo | Coney Island | Brighton Beach | Gowanus Canal

  • Queens: Long Island City | Astoria | Flushing Meadows - Corona Park | Socrates Sculpture Park | Noguchi Museum | PS1

  • The Bronx: Arthur Avenue - Little Italy | The Bronx Botanical Garden | The Bronx Zoo. The North (Soundview) and South Bronx (Mott Haven).

  • Staten Island: Staten Island Ferry | Snug Harbor - Chinese Scholar's Garden | Alice Austen House

  • Other location (let’s customize!)

BOOK night photography…

Magic in the Moonlight

DSLRs on tripods for 'making' pictures at night

  • Central Park

  • Battery Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge | City Hall

  • Times Square | Bryant Park

  • West Village | The High Line

  • Carl Schurz Park

  • Roosevelt Island

  • Other location (let’s customize)

Art Photo Walk | Whitney Museum

Night Photography | Grand Central Station

Night Photography | Times Square

Magic in the Moonlight | Carl Schurz Park

Magic in the Moonlight | Central Park Lake

Magic in the Moonlight | South Street Seaport

Photo Hunt | Gowns Canal, Brooklyn

Photo Hunt | East River, Upper East Side

Photo Hunt | Studio Museum, Harlem

Photo Hunt | Madison Avenue

Photo Hunt | Capturing People (Louis Mendes)

Art Photo Hunt | Frieze Fair, Randall's Island

Photo Hunt | Graffiti in Chelsea

Photo Hunt | Looking at work by Chihuly at the Botanical Garden, Bronx