Our Photo Experiences

The Photo Hunt is a customizable 3h photo experience, maximizing your DSLR or Smartphone, for a day or night session, on location anywhere in New York City.

DSLR (day or night): intermediate LEVEL

Work those fancy buttons, dials, and settings for daytime shoots on location anywhere in the 5 boroughs of New York and/or practice high ISO photography in low light situations. Shoot from dusk to dark with a tripod-mounted DSLR, learn light painting, intentional camera movement (ICM) - and invite happy accidents and serendipity. Staying in the flow for a multi-sensory photo experience fires up discovery and invention.

At the conclusion of all sessions, groups have the opportunity to share their work with other members and benefit from a friendly photo review over coffee, a glass of wine, or light meal.


Iphoneography (day): all levels

A smartphone session encourages exploration without the heavy lifting - no equipment necessary other than your iPhone. Enjoy a photo walk while maxxing out your device’s technical and creative potential. Learn a variety of apps and how to use them for technical and compositional tricks, to capture people, places, and things in the urban landscape. Tell visual stories and make montages in-camera or create a photo book ....


In both day and night sessions, you learn:

technical skills

  • Camera settings

  • (Dslr) ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, metering, exposure compensation (EV)

  • (iPhoneography) Multiple apps and tools for storytelling


compositional skills

  • See/identify shapes, patterns, light, color and form for taking better shots

  • Understand leading lines, rule of thirds, negative and positive space, depth of field

  • Feel the moment to capture the zeitgeist


communication skills

  • Speak about your and others' photographs

  • Describe what you see and your process

  • Develop your visual vocabulary

These out-of-doors, hands-on group photo experiences for individuals and groups become a catalyst for thinking 'outside the frame' and experimentation.

As we crisscross New York City’s urban landscape, we observe the environment - keeping in front of mind that Manhattan is an island, surrounded by even smaller islands (Governor’s Island, Roosevelt Island, City Island, Randall & Ward’s island, Ellis & Liberty Island, etc.), with the surrounding boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

The Photo Hunt takes you there to iconic and obscure locations. It leads participants on a journey with a DSLR or smartphone to observe the city with fresh eyes to photograph people, places and things: parks, bridges, cityscapes, neighborhoods, historic buildings and sites, light and shadow. In short we capture the urban magic that is New York City.

In the spirit of play, you use your camera buttons, dials or apps for day or night sessions to communicate your unique vision, anywhere in the 5 boroughs. 


Uptown Manhattan

Select a location Uptown

  • Central Park

  • Carl Schurz Park

  • Lincoln Center

  • Columbus Circle

  • Riverside Park

  • Conservatory Garden

  • Other (Customize!)

Midtown Manhattan

Select a location Midtown

  • Times Square | Bryant Park

  • Grand Central Station

  • Public Library

  • Rockefeller Center

  • 5th Avenue Holiday Shopping (Christmas time)

  • Other (Customize!)

Downtown Manhattan

Select a location Downtown

  • Battery Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge | City Hall

  • South Street Seaport

  • World Trade Center | 9/11 Memorial | Wall Street

  • 25th Street Flea Market

  • West Village | The High Line | Hudson River Park

  • Meatpacking District | Chelsea Market

  • China Town | Little Italy

  • Lower East Side | The Bowery | East Village Gardens

  • Madison Square Park | Flatiron Building

  • Other (Customize!)


Select  a location in any of the 5 boroughs

  • Brooklyn: Brooklyn Heights | Prospect Park | Brooklyn Botanical Garden | Carroll Gardens | Bushwick | Williamsburg | Brooklyn Navy Yard | Dumbo | Coney Island | Brighton Beach | Gowanus Canal

  • Queens: Long Island City | Astoria | Flushing Meadows - Corona Park | Socrates Sculpture Park | Noguchi Museum | PS1

  • The Bronx: Arthur Avenue - Little Italy | The Bronx Botanical Garden | The Bronx Zoo. The North (Soundview) and South Bronx (Mott Haven).

  • Staten Island: Staten Island Ferry | Snug Harbor - Chinese Scholar's Garden | Alice Austen House

  • Other (Customize!)

Magic in the Moonlight: Night photo

DSLRs on tripods for 'making' pictures at night

  • Central Park

  • Battery Park

  • Brooklyn Bridge | City Hall

  • Times Square | Bryant Park

  • West Village | The High Line

  • Carl Schurz Park

  • Roosevelt Island

  • Other (Customize!)

Art Photo Walk | Whitney Museum

Night Photography | Grand Central Station

Night Photography | Times Square

Magic in the Moonlight | Carl Schurz Park

Magic in the Moonlight | Central Park Lake

Magic in the Moonlight | South Street Seaport

Photo Hunt | Gowns Canal, Brooklyn

Photo Hunt | East River, Upper East Side

Photo Hunt | Studio Museum, Harlem

Photo Hunt | Madison Avenue

Photo Hunt | Capturing People (Louis Mendes)

Art Photo Hunt | Frieze Fair, Randall's Island

Photo Hunt | Graffiti in Chelsea

Photo Hunt | Looking at work by Chihuly at the Botanical Garden, Bronx